Thursday, 27 November 2008

Dawn of a new me: It's not you...

Sometimes we are just afraid to admit the end...
So I chose to tell you by not telling you...
This may not make sense to you...
It may even shock you...
But I will sail away from this to preserve something more precious and dear to me...
I wont say what it is...
But know that it revolves around you...
You'll hate me for a couple of weeks...
But you'll realize i'm too dear to you to hate forever...
So i'll put on my brave face
Just so you wont see the tears that these eyes hide...
Common sense revealed alot to me that i chose to ignore...
All the signs pointed...
But I still decided to not walk out of that door...
You're gonna hate me for a couple of weeks...
Then you'll realize that i never made you weep...
then you'll think...
It's not you...
It was me...

Makes you think doesn't it?

Monday, 24 November 2008

BV that's who BETCH

They forgot me.LOL.They counted me out.LOL.They said I couldn't.LOL.They said I shouldn't.LOL.They said I wouldn't.LOL.They slept on a dude.LOL.They forgot ME?


Let me tell you just who the fuck I am...

I am Sincere!

New Jersey born & raised.Always doubted never praised.

I am Sincere!

Co-owner & Co-founder of BV
You were the best until you meet WE...

I am Sincere!

And the chick to my right...

She's Gee...

We are BV...

Quit now coz we don't believe in competition.To do so would be an insult to our talent...

Hit the Panic Button...

Because BV is comin!!!

Stay tuned...

Fade to Black:The tear that won't come out.Dedicated to her.

I wish that I could tell her how i feel...feel
This pain don't even kills...kills
I wish that I could tell her...but she aint into me...into
I could go on quite easily...
But something tellin me that she should be with me...
She tryna act like she don't hear or feel it too...too
She know's it goes much further than being phsyical...
To have a chance with her i'll need a miracle...
I told her no matter what...she'll always be my boo
And I know she feel the same and this aint spitin game...
Coz the last time we spoke she even said the same...same
But still I got this feel deep inside that I can't control...
I wanna lay her arms so she can feel my soul...beat...beat...beat.
I wanna cry out her name but I don't think she'll hear me...
I'm really glad these tears refuse to come out...out...out...out...out
I'd live that day over every day...
And she knows what i'm talkin bout.

Fade to Black:Teenage love.An ode to Miss Tdot.

Miss Tdot or Miss Toronto for the less traveled
You witnessed me going through my fiercest battle
I feel in love with you when we was both scared
You feel in love with me when we both dared
To follow our hearts
and not worry about the outcome
We share our deepest secrets and the wall I kept up...
you shattered like it was glass
And let me know it will be all right
It made me keep my head up
Even when I felt like quiting
you told me to stay tough
We were...
Loving each other
Talkin on the phone from 8pm till about 1...
Watching midnight love on B.E.T
knowing the next day we got class
If we had a bad day we always knew how to make each other laugh
You were my teenage love
the one that's always gonna last
I still love you girl
and sometimes that makes me sad...

Dedicated to L (even though it was teenage defined me.I will never forget you.I am in your debt)

Fade to Black: Sex-YOU-al tease*(explicit)

I pulled her body close to mine...
She took a deep breath
and looked deep into my eyes...
She said "I been waiting for a long time"
I said "baby I know just how you feel
But you gotta wait some more
I plan to satisfy you and I plan to take my time"
She placed a kiss on my neck...
While she slowly rubbed on my chest...
My hand slid down her back as I grabbed her...
I looked her in eyes then I asked her
"Do you mind if I take my time?Girl i've been thinking of you." With my hands on her______...
She whispered in my ear "baby yesss"
So I swept her right up off her feet...
She was so shocked that her heart skipped a beat...
I layed her on the bed removed the shoes from her feet...
Then I took her by the hands and pulled her close to me...
She took off my shirt ...
I slide my hand to her back and...*snap*
She made me rise coz I aint know she was stacked like that...
I kissed her there there and there...
Then she pulled me close as she layed on her back....
Then I went...
and she said "uggghhhhnnn baby I aint know you could do it like that"...
I said "baby it's just the begining.we waited far too long to end it on that note so baby here we go"

This was a tease brought to you by Sincere...:P

Fade to Black:Dear Winter

Dear Winter,

By the time you read this.I'll be long gone.You vanished without one of these years ago.But that's the past.I guess it's time we...I mean (I) moved on.But just so you know...I decided to extend to you a kindness that to me you denied.This is the final time you'll hear from very last good bye.I wish you well like holy men wish heaven for lost souls.There is something you should know.I won't sugar coat it...I'll keep it real...I''t...know...Winter...I knew.I just decided to take the high road and continue to stand for you.I really thought you needed comfort.Someone that would care and hold you and never let go.But Winter you had me st st stuttering coz you were so cc cc cold.It's like you only wanted me when it was convient or you felt alone.I just thought i'd let you know that I always knew.Now it's time for me to go.



P.S,I had my faults where lessons to me were taught.Winter...I see Summer in the distance.Thank you for the memories.

Fade to Black:Her Lips(I remember)

When I first kissed her
It made me think why'd I wait so long to do this
Her soft lips told a story
And her tongue proved it
I wanted to kiss her all night
as the traffic went by
I kept thinkin "she's so fly fly flyyy.she's a dime dime dimmme"
Like that song by Ginuwine
Her hands wrapped around my neck,my hands on her hips...
My mind lost in captivation
in both the softness and sweetness of her lips
What started as a few minutes turned into an hour and some more
Each time we stopped I went back in for more
I used to wonder what her lips felt like
but not anymore
Her Lips sent my body into exstacy
Left my heart wanting more
I still remember...

You will always be...

Fade to Black: Bittersweet

I knew when I first met her
I should have walked away
but her body was tight
and I was convinced it was right
so I stayed
It's like ohhh ohh
Ohhh ohh
Ohhh ohh
We would talk all day
face to face
otherwise on the phone
she would say
''stay on the line until I sleep so i won't feel alone''
I said alright
it's like ohhh ohh
Ohh ohh
Ohh ohh
Things were going alright
until every night
we ended with a fight
We said
I can't stand you
I hate you too
I wish we never met
(She told me)
''You should go on your way.I'll be ok.I'll find myself a better guy''
(I told her)
''Don't tell me lies.You know you want me in your life''
(She said)
''I mean what I said.To me your dead.This is the final goodbye''
(I told her)
''Baby don't you remember how I used to do just what you wanted me to.I use to treat you here and treat there.And even all you girlfriends too'
(She replied)
''You gave all that but you never gave your time coz boo all i really wanted was you.''
So now it's like
Ohhh ohh
Ohhh ohh
Ohhh ohh
If this is the end
I guess I'll say goodbye
You're tryna make me out to be the bad guy
hey that's ok that's just fine
I'm gonna be alright
So pack your shit
and hit the bricks
and get on out my life
So she did just that
and rolled her eyes
turned her back on this heart of mine
Got in her car and drove away
Two seconds later a crash ended her life...

Fade to BLACK:The beat stops where the tears drop...

She died in my arms
Reverse 40 times
She complex like the words in these lines
She stood in a class of her own
A role model for all dimes
For 1,461 days she cried
She's outta tears
So her spirit weeps
She's dieing inside
My strength wasn't enough to heal her pain
I'd walk through hell soaked in gasoline
Just to bring her better days
I cut my heart out
to supress this funny feeling that i'm dealing
with my help alone I cope with that dealing kinda feeling
If i could switch places
I sure would
I'm built for battle
Shit it makes me feel good
Her life alone shows me that
That angels do die
She'd be alright if they was still by her side
How you gon call me blasphemous
When you already nicknamed me Sin(cere)
.in me let will heaven that so devil the kill and hell to go I'll <--------

Fade to BLACK:Dear God

Lord why have you foresaken me
You know this is paining me
I fall to my knees and I
But you ignore me
What must I do
Just to prove that
I am

This is my life...
All I ever do is pray
With all my might...
I pray and I cry
I slowly die
Take me away from this

I could do 3 hail mary's
Pray 5 times a day
Visit the temple
But in my mind it will all end the same
Same old struggle
Same old hustle
Back up against the wall
Since I can't depend on you
I'll live like nothing to lose
My blade could make angels fall
Pardon me for being blasphemous
You're my creator
You gave me life

God fogive me...

Fade to BLACK:The End of the Begining pt.1

I coulda
If only I woulda
at the time I shoulda
but somethin else
felt gooder
Please don't correct my grammer
I'm Kinda pissed
So I might just slam ya
Go ahead Be brave
I dare ya
You know betta

Did you ever love somethin
That was named disaster
That pissed ya off so much
Ya wanna slap her
But you a man not a bitch
so ya say whatever and just laugh at her
She cut ya so deep
Ya wish ya never knew her
But ya remember how good it felt
when ya used to ''do''her
You was the man to her then
But now you just a loser
Ya used to call her ya boo
Now you like
Screw her
Then ya dream about how ya used to tear that back out
Love is a game
ya bed is empty
I guess ya crapped out
Now the summers almost here
A new dating season
But these chicks just aint worth the time
and she's the reason...

Call me a faliure...and mean it please

Certified Pharmacy Tech...
Certified Phlebotomist...
Studied Pharmacy,Law,Computer Science,and Criminalogy
My feet have touched three continents
My body has dwelled on two
So please if you call me a faliure...
actually mean it...
and back it up...
in fact...
Just keep in mind...
My credintials are simply a nice way of saying...
''Fuck You''

Sunday, 23 November 2008

I guess i'm back betch!

Yeah yeah.So I was gone for a minute.I guess life hit me with a two piece.I swung back though and followed up with a one banger.Yup knock out!!! Taste the ground betch.So the path is finally clear.The fear is extinct.I got a bottomless glass of fuck you swagger juice at the ready.So it is now fair to say...It's soooo on betches.I can like almost smell the breeze of the ocean.Let me paint a picture for you.A nice studio or one bedroom apartment in Santa Monica.WHAT!?!? A nissan 240 S13(my dream car)Vroom Betch Vroom.Well apart from the nissan skyline.You gotta wait baby.You will be purchased when I am on top.Work is good.Stacking dough like a fat kid stacks calories.I'm so on it.I'm a little tipsy but I said to myself...I said self...Myself said huh? Then I said go blog.So here I am.Oh i'm not drunk.Just a lil nice.I had this spanish drink.Its like fresh lemon,vodka(i think)and is like an Italian ice.I forgot the name but its mad good.I had like 10 of them joints.I am totally gonna drink mad water before I go to bed tonight.But yeah the end and shit.Hit yall with a more focused blog tomorow or something.