Monday, 24 November 2008

Fade to Black:Teenage love.An ode to Miss Tdot.

Miss Tdot or Miss Toronto for the less traveled
You witnessed me going through my fiercest battle
I feel in love with you when we was both scared
You feel in love with me when we both dared
To follow our hearts
and not worry about the outcome
We share our deepest secrets and the wall I kept up...
you shattered like it was glass
And let me know it will be all right
It made me keep my head up
Even when I felt like quiting
you told me to stay tough
We were...
Loving each other
Talkin on the phone from 8pm till about 1...
Watching midnight love on B.E.T
knowing the next day we got class
If we had a bad day we always knew how to make each other laugh
You were my teenage love
the one that's always gonna last
I still love you girl
and sometimes that makes me sad...

Dedicated to L (even though it was teenage defined me.I will never forget you.I am in your debt)

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