Tuesday, 17 February 2009


sometimes at night
as i lay in my bed
i stare at the ceiling
and i think about you
i wonder what you're doing
i wonder what you're wearing
i then close my eyes
and i imagine
your smile
your laugh
your smell
i even imagine the way you bite your bottom lip
when you're deep in thought
as i lay in bed
thinking of you this night
i reflect on on the way your soft lips
touch mine as i sleep
your own special way of saying
We Will Be Alright
" betam nafkshgn " -kin ቅን " i miss you so much " -sincere

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Farewell My Valentine

This is a little something i just had in my head.

I Love you I Hate you I Love you I Hate you



I can't escape you

I wish that I could wake you

Rehabilitate you

Show you that you should be treated special

Not clowned by that dude

When your heart breaks

Don't worry ma i'll catch you

I watch you break my heart for another

But it's ok

I aint hurt ma

See I can act too

Was there all the time

That you needed me

But you you you

walked over me repeatedly

Now you got a dose of your own drug

Now you calling for me

Sayin baby don't leave,

what ever happened to we?

Inside i'm laughing you see

Coz your new found pain

brings a smile to me

How evil of me

You're now in need of me

You're suffering from a broken heart,

and you're calling for me

I got one or two options just admiring me

Now I got you too

How greedy of me

I've been down this road before

How foolish of me

I got 3 choices you see

But the devil

Is rejoicing you see

With every tear that you drop

is hell for you but it's heaven for me

Lord forgive me

For this vengence I seek

But ma it all comes back

Feel better please


I gotta leave

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Last dance with Her...

I held on to you...
I must be sick...
They say Love is blind...
But I think it's a biiiitch...
Taking over my mind...
What is thiiiiis...
It built up for so long...
Who would have known it'd come to thiiiis...
i told you my feelings were Sincere...
You brushed it off...
I guess you aint want to hear...
Truth be told I felt that way for years...
You should never doubt me...
You know who I is...
I'm Sincere...
Shit i'm pissed...
That all it takes is your smile...
To bring me back where this poem begins...
I held on to you...
I must be siiiick...
A took a chance at love...
Now my question is...
Will it make you sad to know that for you my heart no longer lives???
It won't hurt so bad...
Take it from me...
I felt that shiiiit...
I'll smile for you at your wedding...
One second...
Can you take a picture of me standing with my beautiful chiiiick...

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The shock*

The Phone rings
to my surprise its her
I'm like "damn ma I can't beleive you called"
She said" Sin where you been?I thought you'd never forget about me"
I said "oh oh no how could I forget you
Miss Honey Brown
Who held me down"
I felt her smile as she said "oh boy I miss ya"
I said "I miss you too.so much so I was hoping you'd call"
She said "why didn't you pick up the phone.that way you wouldn't have had to hope at all.I'd have been by your side.Would have been your boo would have been your lady..."
I said "wait one second boo these people on the other end they calling me and driving me crazy i'll be right back i promise I won't be long baby"
I said "aight baby i'm back so sorry for keeping you waiting.So please please continue with what you were saying"
She said "why didn't you pick up the phone.that way you wouldn't have had to hope at all.I'd have been by your side.Would have been your boo would have been your lady..."
I took a deep sigh
I said"I'm sorry boo let me take this call then its all about you.These people keep calling and I swear with them i'm just about to reach the end of my short fuse"
I said "Baby i'm back"
She said"should I call back later"
I said " no no no they can all wait because you're far greater.what were you saying?"
She said "why didn't you pick up the phone.that way you wouldn't have had to hope at all.I'd have been by your side.Would have been your boo would have been your lady..."
She paused...
I said "baby are you there?"
She said "yes and i'm stressed.in fact i'm really scared"
I said "scared?"
She said "yeah"
I'm like "baby this is me you can tell me anything"
She "she said i know but this aint just anything"
I said "listen take a deep breath and pretend that i'm your man and your my lady"
She said "ok i'll try but I swear this shit is driving me crazy"
She took a deep breath and for a while aint say a word
I'm like"damn...no matter what ma we gonna always be friends.I know we dated some time ago and fooled around but we're still friends"
She said "wait don't talk let me just say what's on my mind.I've been stressing on how to tell you this for a long time.And I nearly lost my mind.This thing is driving me crazy.I can't believe this happened but Sincere I'm having your baby"

*I am a writer.This is just something I put togther.So none of those wild messages asking if i'm gonna be a father.For the extra slow people.I aint nobodies daddy.

Sincerest Thought of the day: Friendship

It seems like lately people forget the true value of friendship along with the main pillar of friendship which is Honesty.It's like when we have good friends we get used to them and start not appreciating them for whatever reason.We tend to treat the bad friends better than the good ones.Can I even say "bad friends"?Lets just say we tend to treat our good friends in a way that doesnt reflect how good they are towards us.Which brings me to the main pillar of friendship,HONESTY.The plain and simple truth is that HONESTY is the key.Even if it hurts.HONESTY is painful but far less painful than a lie.Especially a lie in friendship which I believe is the most un-neccessary lie of all.Because as friends we should accept each other for who we are.We should be able to keep it real no matter the situation.Remember this...one lie leads to another lie which leads to another.Eventually you will slip up and expose yourself.When all it took was a simple gesture of HONESTY to avoid the hurt that you've inflicted on someone you said is a friend.Ask yourself now "did he/she deserve it?" also ask yourself "am I happy with the way I made that friend feel?" If you can answer "yes" to those two questions...You're truly a cold person.In closing I say...Friends stick by each other...even when they are not wanted or told to back off.Friends don't let friends suffer alone.

P.S, Something I apply to relationships "If you fall...I'll pick you up...if I can't pick you up...I'll lay down beside you" I apply that to my friendships too.(anyone close to me can vouch for me on this)