Saturday, 14 February 2009

Farewell My Valentine

This is a little something i just had in my head.

I Love you I Hate you I Love you I Hate you



I can't escape you

I wish that I could wake you

Rehabilitate you

Show you that you should be treated special

Not clowned by that dude

When your heart breaks

Don't worry ma i'll catch you

I watch you break my heart for another

But it's ok

I aint hurt ma

See I can act too

Was there all the time

That you needed me

But you you you

walked over me repeatedly

Now you got a dose of your own drug

Now you calling for me

Sayin baby don't leave,

what ever happened to we?

Inside i'm laughing you see

Coz your new found pain

brings a smile to me

How evil of me

You're now in need of me

You're suffering from a broken heart,

and you're calling for me

I got one or two options just admiring me

Now I got you too

How greedy of me

I've been down this road before

How foolish of me

I got 3 choices you see

But the devil

Is rejoicing you see

With every tear that you drop

is hell for you but it's heaven for me

Lord forgive me

For this vengence I seek

But ma it all comes back

Feel better please


I gotta leave

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