Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Sincerest Thought of the day: Friendship

It seems like lately people forget the true value of friendship along with the main pillar of friendship which is Honesty.It's like when we have good friends we get used to them and start not appreciating them for whatever reason.We tend to treat the bad friends better than the good ones.Can I even say "bad friends"?Lets just say we tend to treat our good friends in a way that doesnt reflect how good they are towards us.Which brings me to the main pillar of friendship,HONESTY.The plain and simple truth is that HONESTY is the key.Even if it hurts.HONESTY is painful but far less painful than a lie.Especially a lie in friendship which I believe is the most un-neccessary lie of all.Because as friends we should accept each other for who we are.We should be able to keep it real no matter the situation.Remember this...one lie leads to another lie which leads to another.Eventually you will slip up and expose yourself.When all it took was a simple gesture of HONESTY to avoid the hurt that you've inflicted on someone you said is a friend.Ask yourself now "did he/she deserve it?" also ask yourself "am I happy with the way I made that friend feel?" If you can answer "yes" to those two questions...You're truly a cold person.In closing I say...Friends stick by each other...even when they are not wanted or told to back off.Friends don't let friends suffer alone.

P.S, Something I apply to relationships "If you fall...I'll pick you up...if I can't pick you up...I'll lay down beside you" I apply that to my friendships too.(anyone close to me can vouch for me on this)



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