Monday, 24 November 2008

Fade to Black:Her Lips(I remember)

When I first kissed her
It made me think why'd I wait so long to do this
Her soft lips told a story
And her tongue proved it
I wanted to kiss her all night
as the traffic went by
I kept thinkin "she's so fly fly flyyy.she's a dime dime dimmme"
Like that song by Ginuwine
Her hands wrapped around my neck,my hands on her hips...
My mind lost in captivation
in both the softness and sweetness of her lips
What started as a few minutes turned into an hour and some more
Each time we stopped I went back in for more
I used to wonder what her lips felt like
but not anymore
Her Lips sent my body into exstacy
Left my heart wanting more
I still remember...

You will always be...

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