Monday, 24 November 2008

Fade to Black: Bittersweet

I knew when I first met her
I should have walked away
but her body was tight
and I was convinced it was right
so I stayed
It's like ohhh ohh
Ohhh ohh
Ohhh ohh
We would talk all day
face to face
otherwise on the phone
she would say
''stay on the line until I sleep so i won't feel alone''
I said alright
it's like ohhh ohh
Ohh ohh
Ohh ohh
Things were going alright
until every night
we ended with a fight
We said
I can't stand you
I hate you too
I wish we never met
(She told me)
''You should go on your way.I'll be ok.I'll find myself a better guy''
(I told her)
''Don't tell me lies.You know you want me in your life''
(She said)
''I mean what I said.To me your dead.This is the final goodbye''
(I told her)
''Baby don't you remember how I used to do just what you wanted me to.I use to treat you here and treat there.And even all you girlfriends too'
(She replied)
''You gave all that but you never gave your time coz boo all i really wanted was you.''
So now it's like
Ohhh ohh
Ohhh ohh
Ohhh ohh
If this is the end
I guess I'll say goodbye
You're tryna make me out to be the bad guy
hey that's ok that's just fine
I'm gonna be alright
So pack your shit
and hit the bricks
and get on out my life
So she did just that
and rolled her eyes
turned her back on this heart of mine
Got in her car and drove away
Two seconds later a crash ended her life...

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