Monday, 24 November 2008

Fade to BLACK:The beat stops where the tears drop...

She died in my arms
Reverse 40 times
She complex like the words in these lines
She stood in a class of her own
A role model for all dimes
For 1,461 days she cried
She's outta tears
So her spirit weeps
She's dieing inside
My strength wasn't enough to heal her pain
I'd walk through hell soaked in gasoline
Just to bring her better days
I cut my heart out
to supress this funny feeling that i'm dealing
with my help alone I cope with that dealing kinda feeling
If i could switch places
I sure would
I'm built for battle
Shit it makes me feel good
Her life alone shows me that
That angels do die
She'd be alright if they was still by her side
How you gon call me blasphemous
When you already nicknamed me Sin(cere)
.in me let will heaven that so devil the kill and hell to go I'll <--------

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