Monday, 24 November 2008

Fade to Black:Dear Winter

Dear Winter,

By the time you read this.I'll be long gone.You vanished without one of these years ago.But that's the past.I guess it's time we...I mean (I) moved on.But just so you know...I decided to extend to you a kindness that to me you denied.This is the final time you'll hear from very last good bye.I wish you well like holy men wish heaven for lost souls.There is something you should know.I won't sugar coat it...I'll keep it real...I''t...know...Winter...I knew.I just decided to take the high road and continue to stand for you.I really thought you needed comfort.Someone that would care and hold you and never let go.But Winter you had me st st stuttering coz you were so cc cc cold.It's like you only wanted me when it was convient or you felt alone.I just thought i'd let you know that I always knew.Now it's time for me to go.



P.S,I had my faults where lessons to me were taught.Winter...I see Summer in the distance.Thank you for the memories.

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