Sunday, 23 November 2008

I guess i'm back betch!

Yeah yeah.So I was gone for a minute.I guess life hit me with a two piece.I swung back though and followed up with a one banger.Yup knock out!!! Taste the ground betch.So the path is finally clear.The fear is extinct.I got a bottomless glass of fuck you swagger juice at the ready.So it is now fair to say...It's soooo on betches.I can like almost smell the breeze of the ocean.Let me paint a picture for you.A nice studio or one bedroom apartment in Santa Monica.WHAT!?!? A nissan 240 S13(my dream car)Vroom Betch Vroom.Well apart from the nissan skyline.You gotta wait baby.You will be purchased when I am on top.Work is good.Stacking dough like a fat kid stacks calories.I'm so on it.I'm a little tipsy but I said to myself...I said self...Myself said huh? Then I said go blog.So here I am.Oh i'm not drunk.Just a lil nice.I had this spanish drink.Its like fresh lemon,vodka(i think)and is like an Italian ice.I forgot the name but its mad good.I had like 10 of them joints.I am totally gonna drink mad water before I go to bed tonight.But yeah the end and shit.Hit yall with a more focused blog tomorow or something.

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