Friday, 18 July 2008

Three Hearts...Two Suffering...

How does my heart still beat when Two of the top Three Hearts in my life...are going through such great difficulty.Quiting just aint in my character let alone it being an option.I've shed tears over both.And continuously fight battles for them both.Do I give in because things get bad?Do I give in when the world thinks that I should?Do I yield to the negative aspect?No.In fact Fuck No I don't.Will I simply fall apart because ones perception is steering them in into a spiraling abyss of getting nowhere...I say your perception is not my perception nor is my perception your perception so fuck perception and go with what makes sense.What makes sense is...fight the good fight with all of your might.Open your eyes...Swallow the pride...Realize matter how much you think you're right...that aint always the case.I'll end this with a question...

Do you solve a negative with a negative in any case?



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