Monday, 24 November 2008

Fade to BLACK:The End of the Begining pt.1

I coulda
If only I woulda
at the time I shoulda
but somethin else
felt gooder
Please don't correct my grammer
I'm Kinda pissed
So I might just slam ya
Go ahead Be brave
I dare ya
You know betta

Did you ever love somethin
That was named disaster
That pissed ya off so much
Ya wanna slap her
But you a man not a bitch
so ya say whatever and just laugh at her
She cut ya so deep
Ya wish ya never knew her
But ya remember how good it felt
when ya used to ''do''her
You was the man to her then
But now you just a loser
Ya used to call her ya boo
Now you like
Screw her
Then ya dream about how ya used to tear that back out
Love is a game
ya bed is empty
I guess ya crapped out
Now the summers almost here
A new dating season
But these chicks just aint worth the time
and she's the reason...

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