Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Question for all my friends: It isn't over people...

Ok the celebrations are over.And yes we are all proud that we didn't get fucked over in the elections this time around.But my question is why were we all(myself included) all hyped up during election time about the importance of we have grown silent?

This movement doesn't stop Mr. President Barack Obama still needs our support...

(Let's get busy please)

Love yall.Change doesn't just happen once it's continuous.

This is part of an email I recieved from the campaign:
In just 24 hours, Congress will begin voting on President Obama's budget. It's a big test not only for President Obama, but for our entire movement. Taking just a few minutes to call Congress now could make a major impact on this crucial vote.

Will you call your elected representatives to let them know you support a budget that tackles the long-term challenges to our prosperity?

Use our simple tool to look up your elected representatives and tell them where you stand right away.

Call your representatives

With this vote, we have a historic opportunity to create jobs, restore our economy, and invest in energy, health care, and education for our future.

Don't let this important moment slip away. Pick up the phone for President Obama today:

Thank you,


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

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