Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Another venting out experience with Sincere

I've been here before
This ain't nothing new
I barely had the time to lace up my shoes
I'm stepping on up
Don't mind the bruise
The bruise on my face just shows my pain is true
How many times do I have to prove
That shooting me down
Only means you're screwed
You've crossed the line
Doing those things you do
You'll probably cry or hope to die
When I'm through
When I'm through
No one will notice you

False claims of hope
That's what I stand accused
Everything has a reason
I thought you knew
Don't burn this bridge
Even if you are through
I mean more than you can imagine
But you still insist on acting brand new
Don't toss me aside
You'll or hope to die
When I am through
I'm coming for you

Read between the lines
I know most won't do
You probably won't realize I'm talking about you
You'll think I'm venting out about about a failed relationship
Now you'll smile coz you can believe you're reading this
Open you're eyes
Don't be surprised you fool
Life ain't all about your life
Don't be so stuck on you
What would you do if you knew that I was coming for you?
What would you do?
What would you do?

It's like my life is on instant replay
They think I'm deaf
But I hear very clear
What he say and she say
You better watch were your birds lay
Or they'll do a switch-a-roo
Then when your eggs hatch you'll find snakes
Don't say I ain't tell you so
They'll take your name then your fame
And relieve your purse of all your dough
Most chicks are straight up bitches.True
They go out of their way just to hurt you
Dudes don't dare applaud
Coz when I say bitch
I also refer to y'all
Take every word I say to the bank
Sincerely yours
I'm out

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