Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Sincerest Thought of the day:Relationships

Good morning everyone,

I woke up this morning sick as fuck.Nausea,Chills,runny/stuffy nose the whole Alas...I decided to go into work anyway.That lasted a good hour.Now i'm back home.Vomiting doesn't go well with customers.Not even a little bit...

But yeah I decided to make my blogging more frequent.Even if it's just something like a single thought.So today since everyone seems to be going through relationship problems I decided to share my thoughts...

"I may not be everything you want.But that doesn't mean that I'm not everything you need"

That's seriously my thought on the whole dating game and relationship thing at the moment.We have to learn to stop being greedy.

And on that note homemade Ginger,Lemon,and Echinacea tea...You are my lover today.Come to me...



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