Monday, 29 December 2008

Sincerest thought of the day: N.O.R.C

Ok so as of late i've been slacking on my blogs and what not.Basically put me down for a two count.But i'm back up so it's nothing.Anyway...I was thinking about alot over the last few days.And one thing in particular is N.O.R.C (no one really cares).I thought about this mid-conversation at a hotel cafe the other day.A friend from the past whom I lost touch with is in town for an extended vacation blah blah blah.So yeah she asks me "what's wrong?"I say "nothing"of course.But eventually I told her what was wrong and maybe halfway through my explanation of the angsts of life...the conversation was somehow changed back on to her.Now it may sound selfish of me but...can't I be the main focus for once?I mean my friends always tell me that i'm easy to talk to because I listen very well.Not to toot my own horn's absolutely true.I will listen for hours on end.Like really.But it seems that people forget that.We all have problems and need to vent them out.We can't always be the listener.We need to be listened to also.Well anyway it kinda upset me.And then so many other instances occured to me.Which made me think that no one really cares these days.Unless it directly affects them.We live in a "me me me" type of world.And honestly it's sad.Now this doesn't apply to everyone of course.But if the shoe fits...wear it.

That's all.I got it out of my system.Thank you for your time.


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