Friday, 5 December 2008

Sincerest Thought of the day: Vanity

What up people?So yeah today I woke up feeling great.A little queezy but great.And I looked beautiful.Like pretty.You ever get sick and then when you get better you're just glowing?So i wash my face then look in the mirror then actually did a double take.I was like wow...Damn...Shit...Shit I look amazing.LMAO.Come on now you know you get like that sometimes.Well most of you...some of you are like pig ugly dog trolls.Sike nah i'm just joking.But yeah I looked fly.Yesssssir.LOL

Now on to the thought of the day...

"Fuck what everyone feels about you.It doesn't matter.Love yourself.If you don't...who will?"



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